Video: Let’s Play Singstar Ultimate Party

by on October 29, 2014

There have been times, during my “career” as a video games writer, that I’ve hesitated to hit the publish button. But none more so than this.

If you’ve seen the videos I did with Rocksmith (and we’ll have something on that later next week, actually), you’ll perhaps know I used to be in a band. So I can sing a bit, sure.

Anyway, this video took bloody ages to do, so be nice, right? Oh and stay to the end, as that’s the best bit.

Oh, by the way, the game is pretty good, actually. Seriously, I could download my purchases (99 Red Balloons, A Design for Life) from the PS3 circa…christ, I don’t know when I bought them, actually. But yeah, it’s a little content-light on the disc, but it’s Singstar on PS3 (and PS4), which is ace.