The Destiny 2 beta is now open to everyone

Thankfully there's no sign of Paul McCartney

by on July 21, 2017

So, that Destiny 2 beta that people who pre-ordered have been playing? Now everyone can grab it off of their respective stores, well, PSN and Xbox Live at least.

It should be noted that there’s no roaming in this beta, but you will get to play through the game’s first mission ‘Homecoming’ where the Cabal have laid siege to The Tower and put an odd, giant contraption onto the Traveller, you’ll even get to pick up one of the game’s new exotics.

Outside of that you can indulge in two of the game’s multiplayer modes and the Inverted Spire strike.

We’ve been playing it, and we can confirm that it is indeed more Destiny. Yay!

Get downloading people, the client is around 350mb and then there’s a separate 12gb download afterwards.