First ever GodisaGeek Podcast!

by on July 23, 2009

It’s been a long time coming folks but we have finally managed to get together and whip up a GodisaGeek podcast. It took some doing (believe me) but we have soldiered through the many issues and for now are happy-ish with the fruits of our labour.

Just to get you guys up to speed, I (Asim Tanvir, Games Editor/All round gaming addict) will be the “host” if you will and try to get the rest of the team to get involved in some interesting gaming discussion that you guys will (hopefully) enjoy. The guys from the team that will be involved in the podcasts are Calvin Robinson (Site Manager/Businessman), Aryel Abrahami (Games Editor/Warcraft freak) and Aaron Sullivan (Games Editor/Street Fighter addict).

We will aim to get a podcast up once every two weeks however if there is loads to talk about then we might sneak in another one. Aren’t you guys lucky eh?! Remember we welcome all feedback/comments but at the end of the day we are just a bunch of gamers talking about the hobby we so very much enjoy, so don’t be too harsh on us. 😉

Anyway we are proud to present the first ever GodisaGeek podcast, enjoy. [click here to access the podcast]

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