Leaked Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay Footage

by on August 27, 2009

You probably won’t be able to view this video for much longer after we post it as the “internet police” will almost certainly take the video down from YouTube, so make the most of it while you can! The footage you see below is from the much anticipated Modern Warfare 2 taken from a recent games event/exhibition. Now I’m not too sure if it is from the single player campaign or if it is one of the spec-ops missions, whatever it is (even from a shakey cam view) it looks fantastic.

It looks like it takes place somewhere in South America (Brazil, I think) and involves you chasing down a target through the streets/alleys of the city. The action is fast paced and frenetic; the crowd watching the gameplay certainly seemed to enjoy it! Now the footage is not that clear but I did manage to make out that something that said “press x to pick up w/shotgun”. Shotgun attachments for machine guns?! I wonder if this will just be included in the single player/spec-ops or if it will makes its way across to the multiplayer. Hmm, it certainly does sound like an interesting perk! Maybe this is the new perk that will be unveiled later on in the week. I guess we will have to wait and see. What do you guys think?

EDIT – It seems like the video above is from the single player campaign as the video below shows the spec-ops mode in co-op. Look rather awesome no?! 🙂