Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Gameplay Video 2

by on September 1, 2009

It’s here folks, after a couple of weeks of waiting Infinity Ward and Mr FourZeroTwo have released the new Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer gameplay video. It’s good, really good! I know you’re aching to watch it, so have a look at it below and then read on for our “analysis”

Now that was bloody good, wasn’t it? Well what have we learned from this new gameplay footage?! First thing we can safely say is that the game will now have its own version of capture the flag called flag runner. It looks really good too, much more tactical and strategic than I would have imagined. Next up it looks like we might have access to a new perk known as the predator missile. If you pay close attention to the video (check out the screenshots below too) you will see when the player gets 5 kills in a row a message pops up telling him/her they have access to that perk. Hmm I wonder what exactly this predator missile does?! Maybe its sole purpose is to take out helicopters or planes. It could even be the missile we saw in the first multiplayer video that was released!

Another addition is the ability to see exactly how you have killed someone. For example “boom headshot” will tell you have shot a person in the head (d’uh!). Nothing major but an interesting/cool addition nonetheless and something which you can brag about to friends. Finally as the video draws to a close we are shown two great additions, the first one being host migration and the last one being an awesome ninja style knife throw kill. Call of Duty 4 veterans will know host migration is something the game really needed as countless of times matches will just randomly end and it is really annoying when you are doing well because you lose all your points. As for the inclusion of throwing knife kills, well come on how awesome is it going to be when you spot a camper, sneak up on them and throw a knife in their back (or head even) to get amazingly satisfying kill.

The folks at Infinity Ward continue to surprise and delight us with these videos; it only makes the wait for the full game that bit harder but hey any Modern Warfare 2 gameplay footage is great. So when can we expect the next video Mr FourZeroTwo?! Don’t keep us waiting too long now!

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