Final Fantasy XIII “elixer” unleashed

by on October 23, 2009


At this point in life we at God is a Geek have stopped being surprised by anything that comes out of the land of the rising sun and this isn’t the first time that a games company has hooked up with a drinks company to make a questionable product(Halo 3 anybody? no?). Nevertheless Square Enix and the Japanese drinks dispensing “machine” that is Suntory have teamed up to bring their “elixer” to the Japanese mass market(seems they weren’t happy keeping it to themselves). The beverage comes in 16 different designs and goes on sale December 8th while the action figure version will be released December 22nd(because let’s face it we all want to pollute our bodies with E numbers and own a snazzy figurine). So if your thinking of taking a trip to Japan anytime soon and feel like adding +50 to your geek ‘o’ meter in exchange for -260 to your health pick one of these up.