FFXIII recieving DLC

by on January 28, 2010

According to various sources and a translation from neoGAF via VG247, FFXIII could indeed be getting some DLC, which is sure to please the RPG elite who don’t believe that 40-50 hours gameplay is generally enough. Final Fantasy XIII producer Yoshinori Kitase is believed to have told OPM Benelux that DLC is most certainly in the works for the upcoming title. Nothing was said about what the DLC would contain or when it would arrive but Yoshinori Kitase had this to say:-

“At first we had plans to release the game simultaneously worldwide, so we had the intention to deliver identical version between the regions. When we noticed that we wouldn’t make it, we decided to release the game as fast as possible in the west after its release in Japan,” said Kitase.

“We initially had doubts to add extra content to the western version but then it would have taken the international version more months of delay. We did prepare a DLC but it will arrive a little later in the west.”

If you have been keeping up on your Final Fantasy XIII news you would know that art director Isamu Kamikokuryou had already stated in an interview that a phenomenal amount of content had been cut from the final game, enough to make an additional game in fact. These cuts were made in an attempt to keep the game at a reasonable length(apparently Final Fantasy games can indeed be too long? who would of thought?) . It stands to reason then that these areas might indeed make it into the previously mentioned DLC, only time will tell.

Final Fantasy XIII will hit retail shelves on 9th March for PS3 and Xbox 360.

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