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Warhawk Hits One Million Players

by on October 27, 2009

Warhawk has been around for long, but it continues to live. Recently, the multiplayer-only title reached 1 million players, according to the in-game leaderboard. The title has been around for over two years and was originally released in Summer 2007. The game has been well supported with three content packs released, each adding new maps and features to the game.

The game still has a very active community, and the option of hosting a game on your PS3 will hopefully keep the game going even if the Incognito servers are eventually shutdown. If you haven’t tried the game, you can pick it up on Blu-Ray for a discounted price, or download it via the PlayStation Network.

Warhawk was one of the first titles to support PlayStation Home Game Launching too. So if you can’t find anyone to play with at home, try looking in your virtual Home.

[Via: PS3Center]

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