Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 – Turbocharged gameplay trailer shows new features

by on June 28, 2023

Milestone and Mattel have revealed a new trailer for Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 – Turbocharged, which shows off the latest features coming to the game, including new mechanics, vehicle types (and categories), and terrains you’ll have to overcome.

Milestone, the developer of Unleashed 2, is well known for racing games, having developed a plethora of titles such as MotoGP, Monster Energy Supercross, Ride, MXGP, and of course, Hot Wheels Unleashed. The developer explains that “In Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 – Turbocharged, having a fast car will not be the only key to success, as gameplay has been revolutionised with the introduction of two new moves that add an extra layer of depth to competition”.


The news moves, then, explained by the dev: “With the power of boost, players will be able to Jump or Double Jump at any moment. This new action serves as an ideal tool for overtaking opponents or navigating tight spaces by avoiding obstacles. These new moves enable players to not only enhance their racing skills but also discover new shortcuts or access previously unreachable sections of the track”.

Continuing, Milestone explains that “Meanwhile, the brand-new Lateral Dash allows players to swiftly shift to the left or right, colliding with opponents on either side of their vehicle. Using this maneuver, players can strategically force opponents out of bounds or use them to bounce within the confines of the orange plastic track. These new abilities, combined with the boost and drift mechanics players know and love from Hot Wheels Unleashed™, open up a multitude of opportunities and greatly expand the possibilities for players to make strategic decisions and interpret each race and track in their preferred way”.

Mike DeLaet, Global Head of Digital Gaming at Mattel, said of the developer: “On top of their expertise with racing games, Milestone’s unique ability to understand the Hot Wheels brand was the key ingredient in making Hot Wheels Unleashed such a success. With Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 – Turbocharged, Milestone has taken gameplay, customisation, graphics, and more to the next level, all while elevating the authentic Hot Wheels experience that remains the wondrous heart of this series”.

Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 – Turbocharged is coming to PC (Steam, Epic Games Store), PS4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|X on October 19th.