PlayStation Network Video Store Review

by on November 28, 2009

Welcome to the GodisaGeek video review of the PlayStation Network Video Store. In this review I will be giving you my detailed impressions of the service and letting you folks know if it really is a good addition to the PlayStation Network. The review focuses more on the rental aspect of the video store but fear not everything else you need to know is also mentioned. For all you video quality experts there is also a short comparison of the Watchmen blu-ray and HD download.

Ready? Got your popcorn? Fantastic. Hit the jump to access the video review. Enjoy!

Just to add to the video review, I just finished watching the SD version of I Love You, Man and it must be said that the picture quality was quite impressive. Obviously it didn’t reach HD standard but it did seem alot sharper than your bog standard movie on TV and at a slightly higher quality than a standard DVD. Oh and incase there is any information I forgot to mention in the video review, click here for the full video store press release from Sony. Thanks for watching!

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