WoW Patch 3.3 Launch Date Leaked

by on November 22, 2009

Its that time again WoW fans yes godisageek.com can once again exclusively reveal that the 3.3 Ice Crown Citadel patch, which is possibly the last major content patch of the Wrath of The Lich King expansion is to be released during the 2nd week of December.

We are looking at Tuesday 8th release date for the US and 9th for EU players, this information has come from the same source inside Blizzard that supplied us with release details of patch 3.2 which we got spot on. Now of course nothing is ever set in stone with Blizzard, if they encounter any major difficulties between now and mid December the date could be pushed back but its unlikely.

Hopefully the information will help you plan your assault on the Lich King with many guilds in limbo at the moment due to lack of challenging content. Patch 3.3 promises a lot of content with a new cross realm looking for group system, weekly raid quests, a three winged 5 man dungeon and the ultimate raid of WoTLK Ice Crown Citadel.

Keep an eye on godisageek.com for a full run down on everything patch 3.3 and a special Buff Up Show delving in to all the key 3.3 features.

-Update- Seems the patch will hit during the second week of December.