Medal of Honor heads over to Afghanistan

by on December 2, 2009

mohlogoThe Medal of Honor series is on its way back and for the first time in the history of the series it is moving away from the World War II setting in favour of modern day Afghanistan. The series has been in hiatus for since 2007 now with the last proper release being, the decent but forgettable, Medal of Honor: Airborne. You’re all thinking it so we might aswell say it, clearly EA have been paying attention the Call of Duty games especially Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2. There is no doubt that both those games benefitted immensely by moving into a modern setting and it looks like EA are hoping the same success will transition over to their Medal of Honor re-boot.

EA have also announced that the single player campaign will be developed by their internal team in Los Angeles whereas the multiplayer aspect of the game will be developed by EA DICE, who most of you will know from their successful Battlefield series. Medal of Honor is set to be released in 2010 and it certainly will be interesting to see if EA can pump new life in the series. It will also be very interesting to see how it will hold up against the giant that is Modern Warfare 2. I guess you could say, the battle of the FPSs has well and truly been ignited!

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