StarCraft II Dated

by on May 7, 2010

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty has a release date of 27/07/2010. The sequel to the successful StarCraft game released over 11 years ago will be released simultaneously across the USA, Europe and South Korea with China expected to have later release date.

Amazon have been taking pre-orders for a while now with two versions of the game available. The standard editions RRP is £44.99 with most stores selling it at the reasonable price of £30. The collectors edition will set you back a bit with the higher price of £69.99 but will include an art book, behind the scenes DVD, soundtrack, USB stick loaded with the original StarCraft, unique battle.net theme, a remodled in-game Thor unit and a very special World of Warcraft non-combat Thor pet.

Pre-Order StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty (EUUS)

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