E3 2010: Sony Keynote

by on June 15, 2010

Today the last of the “big three” had their conference and if you missed it then don’t worry as we have a quick run over of all that happened for you right here. Did Sony manage to come out on top this year? I guess you’ll have to find out.

Jack Tretton starts of Sony’s press conference and proceeds to take jabs at Microsoft, claiming that the conference and move itself is freestyle and requires no ponchos. He then proceeds to start reeling off the statistics in true Sony style. After some boasting he introduces Kazuo Hirai, chairman of Sony Computer entertainment.

Kazuo continues to boast about Sony and its console, topics include the planned 10 year lifestyle (don’t we hear this speech every year?), Playstation content and 3D gaming.

All ps3’s will be 3D ready through a system update and 3D enabled games will be available for download via the Playstation Network.

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Killzone 3

Herman Hulst takes to the stage to talk about his beloved Killzone (finally, some games). Killzone 3 has been built from the ground up to support 3D and the quality of the product will be evident, of that we are told. The audience are given the chance to witness it in full 3D as they don their fashionable 3D glasses (If only they were then maybe we wouldn’t all look so stupid). The demo is split up into two sections, the first being based around jet pack gameplay (eat that Halo) while the second part sees the protagonist blowing everyone away via turret. It’s worth noting that the build being shown is a pre alpha. We are told Killzone 3 will hit stores February 2011 and will have full move functionality.

Hirai re-emerges (hey there Kaz) and begins the celebration that is 3D gaming and states that PS3 will have a wealth of games built from the ground up for 3D and not just shoe horned in, including GT5, Crysis 2, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and NBA 2K11 to name a few.

Cue more 3D game video game goodness (for the crowd at least)as football (the real stuff not that American crap :P), golf, wildlife and a collection of titles are displayed.

Playstation Move

Jack returns  to talk up realism  and precision with Playstation Move. The phrase “how it happens in your hand is how it happens on screen” is used to describe it. It is also stated that Move will be accompanied by casual and family type games in addition to those hardcore games we love so much. He proceeds to break down how the “wand” portion of Move works and talks about the 1:1 movement recognition that it affords.

Blu-Ray discs will afford developers the ability to include “normal” and Move versions of games on one disc “effectively giving you two games for the price of one” (I knew Blu-Ray was invented for something).

40 developers are currently hard at work making titles for Move.


A new Playstation Move game is presented by the name of Sorcery. Here you can use the motion controller portion of Move as a wand as you go about your day casting magic Harry Potter style. Trajectory and Velocity are taken into account when you swing enabling you to really give it to those goblins with a fireball to the head.

Tiger Woods

Andrew Wilson steps up on behalf of EA Sports to show us how well Move works with the inevitable slew of sports games we can expect now that Move is nearly upon us. On this occasion the title of choice is none other than Tiger Woods. Andrew shows off the 1:1 animations and states that he is not great at the shot he has to take and it will be reflected on screen. As you can imagine Power and angle are very important when swinging and he manages to completely miss his first shot.

Heroes on the Move

The next title on display has all of Sony’s mascot’s all in one place battling for the forces of good on Playstation Move. We are shown a trailer of Ratchet, Daxter, Jack Sly the raccoon and Bentley working together for the greater good.

Coke team up with Platstation offering promotional deals and the chance to win yourself a Playstation 3 and Move.

Kevin Buttler Struts on stage with an air of confidence. In a comedic manor he takes several jabs at the competitions take on motion gaming (very professional Sony) and makes a few jokes about gaming. He also has a message for us hardcore gamers ” Don’t hate the casual gamer” ( Don’t clutter gaming retail stores with shovelware and we won’t I promise). and then proceeds to jab at Nintendo.

Release dates and prices are then revealed for Playstaion Move.

Move will hit stores in Europe on September 15th while North America will be receiving it on the 19th. The poor old Japanese will have to wait all the way until October 21st.

The motion controller (wand) will be priced $49.99 while the nun-chuck…….err navigation controller will come in at $29.99. If you’re thinking this sounds a bit expensive then that would make two of us.

Move (both motion and navigational controls) will also come bundled with the Sports Championship game and Playstation eye for $99.99 and for those without Playstations 3’s already will set you back $399.99 with Playstation 3 included.

Existing titles will be given Move support via Playstation Network after release.

Jack Returns to talk PSP (seems Sony have noticed that it’s kind of failing) and claims that it is the number one choice for hardcore gamers (errr…naaaaaah). Cue new Playstation Portable promo video which is actually quite funny.

Jack talks about the new titles that will be making thier way to PSP, including Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, God of War: Ghost of Sparta and Invizimals a mew franchise we aren’t told much about. Only God of War gets any screen time followed by a PSP montage.

What would a Sony press conference be without more stats? 50 million connected, most connected console etc etc….. NEXT!

Playstation Home

It seems like Sony haven’t given up on Playstation Home yet and tell us that there is a replica of the Sony show floor to be found within home for all who couldn’t make it to E3. Here you’ll be able to get your hands on a few of the titles being presented in LA.

Little Big Planet 2

It’s back and it is bigger and better than before states Alex Evans after being welcomed to the stage. Little Big Planet 2 comes equipped with new tool sets and competitive play allowing players more creative possibilities. No longer are you limited to platformer type games as the world is your oyster. Examples of what is possible with 24 hours with the new tool set are shown and we have to say, we are impressed.

Playstation +

Hey Jack, yes, he is back on stage to give us more details about Playstation+(you remember, you know, that PSN subscription service Sony decided they needed). The service will build on top of the existing free service, offering gamers exclusive content, early access to demos, automatic download of demos and game related content and more. The service will offer “hundreds” of dollars of value according to Tretton, including early demo access, beta invites, free games, free themes, and a host of other new content. However, there is a small catch – all content will be owned for the “duration of your subscription”, i.e. you unsubscribe and you lose access to it (Ouch!).

The service will cost $49.99 for a yearly subscription or $17.99 for a 3-month subscription. For a limited time only, Sony will be offering 3-month free trials to the service.

Medal of Honor

The Playstation 3 version of Medal of Honor will be receiving exclusive content (limited editions only) in the form of exclusive tier 1 videos from the real life military personnel that worked alongside the developers. Also included will be Medal of Honour Frontline, completely remastered in HD with improved graphics, and all of the heart-wrenching battles of the original game.

Medal of Honor’s Beta kicks off June 21st.

Dead Space 2

A live demo of the game is shown which continues after the demo shown in EA’s very own conference. Here Isaac is faced by a gigantic Necromorph that proceeds to tear down its surrounds in an attempt to capture Isaac and presumably tear him to pieces. A cinematic chase begins with the player still in control as he shifts between putting a few shots into the monster and legging it for his life. Isaac is thrown into outer space by the creature as it continues to chase him through the void and then the demo ends abruptly.

The Playstation 3 Limited Edition version of Dead Space will include the award-winning Dead Space Extraction, the prequel to the entire Dead Space saga and now featuring support for the PlayStation Move motion controller.

Portal 2

Glados greets the audience while Gabe Newell strolls on stage to announce that Portal 2 will be making its way to Playstation 3. We are then treated to a new trailer.

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

Again it is revealed that the Playstation 3 limited edition version would be receiving extra single player and multiplayer content. (Now Sony are starting to feel a little smug).

Gran Turismo 5

Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo 5 was confirmed to be fully playable in 3D and scheduled for a November 2010 release in North America. While the European release would follow shortly afterwards.

Twisted Metal

Sony finishes off their event by stating that Twisted Metal will be making a comeback on Playstation 3 and we are given a tour of some of the new gameplay mechanics by David Jaffe himself.