PES 2011 Control Scheme Revealed

by on June 1, 2010

It seems to be Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 day today, with many gaming websites reporting on their experience with Konami’s latest addition to the much loved football series. Our friends over at WinningElevenBlog.com have been covering a wide range of articles with a lot of emphasis on the new controls and moves available. We here at GodisaGeek.com have compiled some of the major control changes, new moves and quotes for your reading pleasure.

Messi Takes On Real Madrid In PES 2011

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Feints – These are now pulled off using the right analogue stick by itself or with the L1/L2 button held down and are designed to flow in to a combinations of moves. PES 2011 producer Seabass explains his view on feints in a Eurogamer interviewI always thought in all of our games like PES and FIFA, feints were just used to show off. What I wanted to do in PES 2011 was to make the feints and dummies useful to the player. I didn’t want to make the controls super-difficult. In PES 2011 I was able to make the user perform these feints quite easily. At the same time if you overuse it there’s a high risk – so it’s more fun when combined with the defending I described.

Passing – The manual pass can now be triggered by holding down L2 and the appropriate face button, X and Triangle will produce ground passes whilst Circle and L2 will produce a manual lofted pass. An all new power gauge is included to ensure players can control the power of each pass and shot, a system similar to the one found in the latest FIFA games. The PES 2011 power gauge is uniquely placed under player models to ensure users can keep their eyes on the action.

PES 2011 Power Bar

Dribbling – Last years “360 degree” control was a little lacklustre but Seabass assures fans that this year PES 2011 will give players total control and a new feature which will affect certain star players. “For unique players like Messi, R1 dash dribble has changed dramatically in PES 2011, he (Messi) is now able to go in any direction; you can also see small touches just like real life. It’s never been implemented well in our games before. Now it’s properly reproduced.”

Another change is the ability to hold R2 and dribble never facing away from goal, this added control method could allow intricate dribbling and allowing for differing styles of movement in the final third.

Defending – It seems defending has been slightly overhauled with a range of ways to press the ball. Holding down X and directing the analog stick/d-pad towards an opponent will move the controlled defender to put pressure on the ball but might also give the attacker the opportunity to change direction and pass unchallenged. Holding X with no direction will make the defender hold his ground and tackle the on coming attacker if timed correctly, whilst holding X and directing the analogue stick towards the defenders goal will ensure the defender sits back attempting to hold up the play.

Checkout the PS3 control scheme courtesy of the WinningElevenBlog.com.

PES 2011 PS3 Control Scheme