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New L.A. Noire Technical Demo Shows Off Facial Animation Further

by on December 16, 2010

Rockstar Games have just released a new trailer that shows off the new MotionScan facial animation technique in L.A. Noire – developed by Team Bondi. This brand new technology enables the accurate capture and scan of every nuance in a real actor’s facial performances and then put those into the actual game. Characters appear more realistic and convincing than ever before, and the full performance of the actor can be faithfully reproduced. In a game where everyone has something to hide, every little clue could be vital.

As we have reported before, L.A. Noire is a dark and violent detective thriller, starring Detective Cole Phelps. Set in late post-war 1940’s Los Angeles – the most corrupt and violent period in the city’s history, the player will have to fight for survival and use every piece of detective skill at their disposal.

Quick Facts About MotionScan:
• MotionScan is a new performance capture technology and an alternative to traditional motion
• MotionScan utilizes 32 high-definition cameras that completely surround the actor and capture
the performance in 3D at 30 frames-per-second
• MotionScan is a technology provided by Depth Analysis, a sister company to Team Bondi and
part of a special partnership with Rockstar Games
• Every character in L.A. Noire uses MotionScan technology and over 400 actors were filmed
making the game
• L.A. Noire will be the first video game ever to utilize MotionScan technology

L.A. Noire is due to be released on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 sometime in Spring 2011.