Dance Central DLC Sale

by on January 24, 2011

Nowadays dancing is something people do at home which, frankly, boggles my tiny mind. Worse, people are dancing with their computers, a fact that feels like the first step on the terrible road towards the sex scene in Demolition Man, where Stallone humps Sandra Bullock through a weird virtual headset.

As if they want to speed up this heinous process (and have us all french kissing our flat-screens) Harmonix has today announced that songs from sex-music experts Janet Jackson, Cameo, Ne-Yo and Sean Paul will be available to download for Dance Central on Xbox Live with a thirty-three percent discount. Beginning on January 25th Cameo’s ‘Word Up’, ‘Control’ by Janet Jackson, ‘Because of You’ by Ne-Yo and ‘Temperature’ by Sean Paul will all be available at the reduced price, which will be 160 Microsoft Points per song.

Dance Central is one of the top selling Kinect titles available for Xbox 360 since launch. All the discounted songs will be available for play in Break it Down, Perform It and Dance Battle modes.