Virtua Tennis 4 Serves Up PS3 Exclusive Demo!

by on April 6, 2011

With SEGA leaning toward 3D and PlayStation Move support, it might be no surprise to hear this, but the demo of Virtua Tennis 4 is going to be exclusive to PlayStation 3!

David Kempshall, the brand manager of Virtua Tennis has just posted a blog about this bombshell, over on the Official PlayStation Blog, whilst also letting us know that there are going to be two versions of the demo, with a 3D/Move compatible demo coming later. This demo will be available on the 13th of April.

Hi again, we’re back for some more Virtua Tennis 4 action, and today we’ll be focusing on the demos. We have two of these and both are coming exclusively to PS3.

One of our big new features for Virtua Tennis 4 is the World Tour career mode, and the this time out we’ve decided to rip up the calendar-based career mode and replace it with a fun board game style.

It’s a completely different take on the career mode as the team wanted to put the fun back into the single player experience. Whilst the calendar themed career was fun, we received feedback from our fans that once you’ve finished the first season the subsequent seasons had a very similar feel to them and there was a feeling of repetition. So the new World Tour is much shorter and your career runs over four seasons, each taking place in a different area of the world culminating in a major tournament, firstly in Australia, then France, then England and finally the USA.

There are many different paths you can take to get to this major tournament so no two careers will ever be the same, but along the way you will need to train, play tournaments, but also boost your star rating by signing autographs and attending charity events.

The key is to balance your success playing tournament with boosting your profile away from the court so that you have the ranking and profile to get invited to the biggest tournaments the tour has to offer.

As it’s such a revolution for the career mode we thought the best way for people to get an idea of what this new World Tour has to offer is via a demo. You will be able to play through around 1/3 of your first season, which will involve designing your character, entering a few tournaments and boosting your profile.

It’s only a teaser of what you can expect from the full career mode, but you will be able to continue your career if you buy Virtua Tennis 4, so in essence it acts as a way of getting your career started before the game is out. Check out the trailer below to find out more about the new World Tour mode.

Virtua Tennis 4 is due out on the 29th of April for Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3.