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COD: Elite Trailer

by on May 31, 2011

Not that we need any more Call of Duty: Elite news today (of course we do!). Today’s announcements about CoD: Elite have been accompanied by a blooming hilarious trailer.

Fictional character TheLegendofKarl talks us through Elite features whilst playing Call of Duty: Black Ops. TheLegendofKarl describes Elite perfectly with the line “COD: Elite is like if organised sports and social networking had a baby and they gave that baby a flame-thrower.”

Activision really know how to produce a great trailer. This one had us in stitches throughout, ending with a legal disclaimer and a voiceover from TheLegendofKarl “Helloooo! Legal’s always circling, like a type the type of vultures. But instead of eating carcusses they eat all our fun!” before a final twist. Check it out below:

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