Rockstar Games Social Club Features Revealed For L.A. Noire

by on May 5, 2011

Not content with their weekly updates of new character dossiers and gameplay trailers, Rockstar Games have now announced some of the unique features that will be available for L.A. Noire, in conjunction with the Rockstar Games Social Club – both in-game and on the web. The Social Club is Rockstar’s own community destination for players of their games to “extend and enhance their game experience with exclusive content and much more.” These include the exclusive Chicago Lightning Suit, which will only unlock for Social Club members and the “Ask the Community” feature, where players can consult the community when they need help, in true Who Wants To Be A Millionaire lifeline style.

Listed below are the exclusive features and bonuses that will be available to members of the Rockstar Games Social Club, as well as a few new screenshots that illustrate some of those additions:


Chicago Lightning Suit: Hit up the Social Club section within the game from the main menu, enter your Social Club login information, and you will automatically unlock Cole Phelps’ snazzy Chicago Lightning Suit. This Social Club members-only exclusive outfit can be worn at any point in the game after you’ve become a detective (following the Patrol desk cases) and will improve your accuracy when using a shotgun or machine gun. A very helpful extra edge in ability for those cases when heavy firepower is required.

Ask The Community: When questioning any persons of interest, you will be challenged to determine the validity of their statements. Players connected online that wish to get an inside tip can earn and spend special limited-use Intuition Points to take advantage of the Social Club “Ask the Community” feature. “Ask the Community” is a special lifeline-type feature which permits you to see what decisions other players made when facing the same crossroads as a detective via a display of percentages of what other Social Club members chose in that situation. Intuition Points are in short supply, so remember to spend them wisely when using game tips like this.


100% Checklist: The fan-favorite 100% Checklist feature that Social Club members loved for Red Dead Redemption is back with L.A. Noire and enhanced for the occasion – with the ability to track every last morsel of action that it will take to reach the coveted 100% completion mark. From cases closed, to street crimes beaten, to landmarks and film reels found and everything else that it takes – the Checklist will track your current progress as well as allow you to compare how you’re doing versus your Social Club Friends down to every item. Our dynamic Los Angeles map will also help you find some items that you may need a tip on tracking down.

Case Tracker: You will be able to access your detective notebook at any time on the web via the Social Club to review clues, findings, notes from suspect interrogations and much more. Virtually everything that gets recorded into your notebook in-game will be reflected when you log into the L.A. Noire section of the Social Club website – so you can always be on the case and connected with your investigation when away from your console at work, school or anywhere online at anytime.

Advanced Game Stats: All the detailed game stats that Social Club members have come to expect, made richer and more robust than ever. L.A. Noire game stats at the Social Club will include properly visualized data with official police department charts and graphs analyzing your personal efficiency, accuracy, speed and many other key detective abilities. Each and every stat can also be directly compared against Social Club Friends for bragging rights.

Achievements: L.A. Noire features 40 unique in-game Achievements & Trophies as well as 9 secret ones to add to your Xbox LIVE Achievement Gamerscore or PlayStation Network Trophy Collection. From”Traffic Stop” to “Keep a Lid On”, the Social Club will help you track your progress, and show you which Achievements & Trophies you and your Friends have completed and when – along with exclusive game tips you can access for those tough ones.

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L.A. Noire is due for release on 17th May in North America and 20th May in Europe. It is being developed for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Check this space for all the latest news as it arrives from Rockstar Games.