Back to the Future: The Game Comes To An End As Episode 5 Is Released

by on June 24, 2011

Whether we will see a second series or not is yet to be seen, but the first season of Back to the Future: The Game is coming to an end today, as the final episode is released on PC and Mac platforms. Episode 5 – OUTATIME – is out now and features a cameo performance by the star of the film series, the legendary Michael J. Fox, in two roles in the conclusion to the season. PlayStation 3 gamers have had to wait a little longer than PC and Mac users for every other episode, and it looks like that will stay the same, as no firm date has been put on the PlayStation Network release of episode 5.

The Story So Far:

Back to the Future: The Game has taken Marty McFly back through time, 1931 Hill Valley to be exact, to rescue his friend Doc Brown, only to end up altering the time line and creating a pretty messed up version of 1986 for him to return to. Marty has to go back to 1931 and fix what’s been turned upside down, but that’s not as simple as it sounds when you’ve got someone from the alternate timeline trying to keep you from erasing them from existance. Want to find out how the story ends and who exactly Michael J. Fox lends his voice to? You’ll have to play Back to the Future: Episode 5 – OUTATIME to find out!

Expect a full season review of Back to the Future: The Game on Godisageek soon.

Back to the Future: The Game, Episode 5, is available now on PC and Mac – as are all of the past episodes. Epsidoe 1-4 are currently available on PlayStation 3, with episode 5 forthcoming.

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