Nordic Games E3 Roundup!

by on June 4, 2011

Nordic Games, the publisher of the well loved We Sing titles have released a statement unveiling their plans for a brand new office based in the USA, as well as a lot more We Sing Games!

Starting off with the US market, they plan to release We Sing America, We Sing UK Hits and We Sing Pop. Moving on to PAL territories, they are bringing We Sing UK Hits, We Sing Rock, We Sing Pop, and the aforementioned We Sing America. On top of that, Nordic Games also announced that they are going to release a new IP for Wii, called Jungle Kartz, which is aimed at younger audiences, in both the UK and USA.

“E3 2011 is one of the most exciting and significant E3s in Nordic Games’ history,” said Pelle Lundborg, managing director, Nordic Games. “A new office in America and four new We Sing games, along with additions to our racing portfolio signals a clear message to the market.”

We reviewed We Sing Robbie Williams a little while back, scoring it 7/10, and you can read that review here.