Soul Calibur V Screenshot Hits The Internet

by on June 1, 2011

If you have ever been to a burlesque show then you will know that being shown a little is much more exciting than being shown a lot. Dimmed lights, loud music and beautiful dancers covered with just enough glittering sequins and scraps of fabric to leave the audience excited at the possibility of seeing more, but left excruciatingly wanting.

Yikes, not sure what came over me there.

The point is this; the first Soul Calibur V screenshot gives away very little about the upcoming swords-and-shields brawler, but it is absolutely full of possibilities.

Apparently showing new character Pyrrha and old staple Mitsurugi, the screenshot is positively dripping with detail. From the incredible texture on Pyrrha’s shield to the subtle blur of Mitsurugi’s movement, everything is looking great at this early stage. There is still a long way to go through, Soul Calibur 5 has an unspecified release date in 2012, but this is certainly a promising start.

I just can’t wait to see a little bit more.

[nggallery id=346]

Source: 1UP.com

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