New Video Shows WipEout 2048 In Action On PSVita

by on June 29, 2011

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe announced that the latest WipEout title in the popular futuristic racer series – WipEout 2048 – will be a launch game for their new PSVita handheld console. Whilst they did show off some footage of the game in action at E3, today Sony have made public a reel of further in-game action that was cut from their E3 showcase. The video shows the frantic, high-octane action taking place high above impressive-looking cityscapes and through hazard-strewn courses. The action does appear juddery in places, but could be expected, it being such an early form of the game. You can already get a feel for the speed and intensity that has always been present in this long-standing series.

See the game in action below:

WipEout 2048 is scheduled to be a PSVita launch title. The new handheld console for Sony is planned for release worldwide in 2011, in two flavours. The Wi-Fi-only model will cost $249 (€249), while the 3G/Wi-Fi version will cost $299 (€299 Euros).

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