Brink: Agents of Change DLC Gets Release Date

by on July 31, 2011

The first Brink DLC, Agents of Change, will be available next week. The DLC will hit Xbox LIVE and Steam on the 3rd of August, whilst PlayStation 3 players will have to wait a little longer as the patch goes live a day later on PSN. Agents of Change features two all-new environments, five new player abilities, two new outfits, and two new weapon attachments.

If you are a fan of Splash Damage’s class based FPS or are still mildy interested in what Brink has to offer then you will want to download the DLC within the first two weeks of release. Agents of Change will be free to download during the first two weeks it becomes available, which begs the question, will a price be slapped on after two weeks? If so, how much?

If you have ever been interested in playing Brink but have not taken the plunge, then perhaps now is the best time to do so. The game is a steal on the PC costing just £7.98 from GAME’s online store. Fans of the console will have to dig a little deeper but can still bag a bargain from Shopto.net where the game costs under £18.

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Brink is available now for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. You can read our review of the title here.