Kinect Gets Mature With Rise Of Nightmares

by on August 4, 2011

The game that aims to introduce Kinect gaming to a more mature audience and move away from the cartoon fluffiness that has populated the gaming library for the motion control device – SEGA’s Rise of Nightmares – will be hitting store shelves on September 9th. To build anticipation for that fact, SEGA have released both a new gameplay trailer and a huge batch of new screenshots. This new imagery shows us just how brutal the melee weapon-based game seems to place a heavy emphasis on dismemberment and decapitation, as well as copious amounts of blood.

The trailer is carried off in a comedic style – which helps to soften the impact of the massive amounts of gore – but it is clear that this game is certainly not one for the kids, and will be one of the first titles to really try and bring hardcore gamers to the Kinect hardware. Using a wide array of weapons and any tools that come to hand, you must work your way through the game, using gestures for both navigation and attacks. It will be interesting to see how this control method will work in practice, but it certainly seems like a fun idea.

Check out the mayhem in the video and images below:

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Rise of Nightmares Will be released on September 9th, Exclusively for Kinect on Xbox 360.