Hogrocket Announce Their First Game – Tiny Invaders!

by on September 1, 2011

Hogrocket, a new development team which includes several team members from the award-winning studio Bizarre Creations, announced the release of their very first game today: Tiny Invaders! The game puts you in command of a crazy band of space germs sent from outer space to take over the world! You control the fun-loving tentacled aliens as they jump from host to host, secretly controlling the minds of people all across the country. Can you help the tiny team achieve their ultimate target: the President of the United States?

The development team behind Tiny Invaders have been brought together in a unique collaboration especially for this title. Several team members from the award-winning studio Bizarre Creations have been involved in the games development, including the Lead Video Editor, Lead Audio Designer, and also the creator of cult-hit Geometry Wars. Tiny Invaders’ graphical style was created by the talents of a BAFTA award-winning animation team, and the music scored by an experienced and pioneering composer.

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Tiny Invaders is available right now from the iTunes Store. Just click here to be on your way to infecting the president! Just don’t tell him we sent you.