Tiny Invaders Invade the iPad

by on November 17, 2011

Tiny InvadersHogrocket, the independent studio consisting of senior members of Bizarre Creations, have announced that their debut title, Tiny Invaders, is now available on the iPad.

The update brings high definition graphics to the action puzzle game, and is available for free for all existing customers of the game. Simply update your apps via iTunes or your Apple device to receive the new content.

Alongside the support for iPad, Tiny Invaders now features Twitter and Facebook intergration, which allows you to post your best times directly to your Twitter or Facebook accounts from within the game itself. The update also includes performance optimisations, meaning the game runs smoother and more efficiently than before, in particular on older hardware and operating systems. As if this wasn’t enough, the game is now playable in four languages: English, French, German and Italian.

Tiny Invaders is an action puzzle game which sees players take control of a band of space germs as they try to control people’s minds, and ultimately take over the mind of the U.S. President (those dastardly aliens!). It is available to purchase now from the App Store.

To hear more from Hogrocket, the studio behind Tiny Invaders, be sure to check out the season 3 finale of the Godcast, which you can find here.