Pokémon Masters Adds New Pokémon and Trainers

by on January 2, 2020

DeNA as announced several updates for Pokémon Masters, including the ability to team your player character up with Solgaleo, the Legendary Pokémon found in the Alola region. This addition now means you can team up with Solgaleo, Torchic or Pikachu.

There are also two Dragon-type sync pairs in the game. Lance, first seen in Pokémon Red and Blue, is now available and forms a sync pair with Dragonite.

Cynthia, the Sinnoh region Champion first seen in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, is also available now. She forms a sync pair with her partner Pokémon Garchomp.

Alongside the addition of these three Pokémon and two new Trainers, a new in-game story event featuring the two Dragon-type sync pairs, “Two Champions,” will be available until January 22nd. You will need to have completed Chapter 4 of the main story to play it.

Finally, The New Year’s Rally, a limited-time event, will also be available until January 22nd. This will reward players with up to 7000 gems for playing special missions and just logging into the game.


Pokémon Masters is available as a Free-to-Start game on iOS and Android devices.