Not One, but Two Behind-The-Scenes Videos Released for X-Men: Destiny

by on September 23, 2011

XMenDestinyIconIt’s not long now until we get our hands on the eagerly anticipated game X-Men: Destiny from Activision and Silicon Knights but it’s always good to understand how something was created before you get the final product in your hands, and that’s where Behind-the-Scenes videos come in. Here are two videos from the developers of the upcoming game that goes into a little bit of detail about what the game is about and how players will be able to customise their character both through their powers and their decisions.

Experience the full transformation of becoming a mutant, with the ability to customise your own powers by manipulating the X-Gene. You can choose to change your attacks, increase your health and mobility or even decide to ice slide your way around, freezing your enemies as you go. With a range of abilities and moves available, which X-Gene will you chose to utilize?

X-Men: Destiny is due for release on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii and the Nintendo DS on the 27th September 2011 in North America and a few days later on the 30th September 2011 in Europe.