New Silent Hill HD Screenshots Emerge from Tokyo Game Show

by on September 16, 2011

We’ve been getting a lot of HD remakes of classic games over the past year or so, everything from Prince of Persia to God of War, and now Konami are releasing some of their games with the sexy addition of high definition graphics. Silent Hill HD Edition for the PlayStation 3, will combine the series’ top two fan favourites into one title and present them for the very first time in dazzling high definition.

The small, sleepy Northeastern town of SILENT HILL is the stage for the series’ decidedly unsettling goings-on. What had once been a lovely sightseeing destination is now a fog-obscured ghost town that no one dares visit. The games’ protagonists must unravel the many secrets of SILENT HILL before they have any hope of accomplishing their goals

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After receiving a letter from his deceased wife, James comes to SILENT HILL, their “special place”, intent on seeing her again. There, beside the town’s famous lake, James meets Maria, the spitting image of his late wife… This definitive version of SILENT HILL 2 includes Maria’s side-scenario “Born From a Wish”.


It comes when you least expect it, unannounced and with no rhyme or reason. The world shifts into a landscape corroded by nightmares, and Heather finds herself caught in the midst of its transformations. The cheerful murmur of the shopping mall is soon replaced by insidious silence. The only sound is the footsteps of some twisted creature. All Heather can do is escape—that is, if she wants to live.

Silent Hill HD Edition is due to be released in 2012. As soon as we know a solid release date, we’ll let you know.