The Book of Unwritten Tales Demo is Available Now

by on October 15, 2011

The-Book-of-Unwritten-Tales-Demo-is-Available-NowAdventure gaming fans will be happy to know, they can now point and click their way to a demo for The Book of Unwritten Tales.

Publisher Lace Mamba Global and Developer King Art, have generously released a free downloadable demo (1.4 GB) that allows players access to the second chapter of this pending title. The demo is set to be approximately 3 hours long so it is safe to assume this game will keep you going for a while!

Chapter 2 will see players take control of Wilbur Weathervane, 1 of 4 main characters in the game and the very person you can see in the image after this full stop.

Wilbur is a gnome who has the task of taking a Magical Ring to the human town of Seastone. The main objective of the chapter is to meet with the arch mage of humans, and then become a student  at Master Marcus’ magical school. Here players will experience some of puzzles the game has to offer.

Other playable characters that will surface through progression include, an Elf Princess named Ivo, a Human Adventurer called Nate, and a shaggy creature that seems to have decided to follow Nate ever since they met on one of his adventures. Having these 4 playable characters allows the game to throw puzzles at you, that can only be solved with certain skills depending on who you are using.

The Book of Unwritten Tales is set in a world ravaged by war. Your adventure will see you and the Gremlin Archaeologist; Mortimer MacGuffin, competing to find an artefact that will change the tide of war. No doubt securing victory for the owner.

When we previewed this game back in September, it became apparent that The Book of Unwritten Tales had a lot of potential as a quirky and pleasant homage to the fantasy and adventure genre.  This demo will place you in a perfect position to experience what we were talking about. We will also have a review up soon so stay tuned!

After being well received in Germany, it will be exciting to see how well it fairs with in the English Market. To sweeten the deal, a purchase will find a 36 page book showing a selection of the games artwork, an A2 double sided poster and a soundtrack CD in the box.

The Book of Unwritten Tales will be available from the 28th of October on PC and Mac.