Get Ready to Slip on Your Leisure Suit, Larry Laffer Will Return in Leisure Suit Larry HD

by on October 11, 2011

Fans of Adventure Games and Sierra have reason to smile today, as Replay Games have announced that they will be re-mastering and re-imagining the classic Leisure Suit Larry series in High Definition. Paul Trowe – founder and CEO of Replay Games – used to work at Sierra-on-Line back in its heyday, and along with series creator Al Lowe, he has been working for years to wrestle the rights to the franchise back from Codemasters (who published the last, shameful effort – Box office Bust). Finally, the duo have been successful, and the fate of protagonist Larry Laffer is back in the loving hands of the former Sierra staff members.

The first game set to be released under the new agreement is a High Definition re-release of the first game, Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards, which will see release in 2012, in time for its 25th anniversary. The game is planned to reveive upgraded sound, visuals and controls, as well as other minor tweaks – but the core puzzles and humour is going to be left in-tact. Platforms for release haven’t been confirmed yet, but Replay has the rights to release the game on Android, Gaikai, iOS, OnLive, PC, PlayStation Network, Mac, Steam, Xbox Live Arcade – so most bases will be covered!

Trowe happily states; “I’m honored to work with game designer-extraordinaire and total legend, Al Lowe, on one of the most best-loved and successful adventure games in history. I’ve been working to acquire the original Sierra properties for over 10 years. I can’t even begin to explain how thrilled I am to announce we’re letting  Larry breathe the fresh air of freedom once more and releasing him from the clutches of corporate America. Al and I are working very closely on this, to make sure every  Larry game is the best. The remake of the original  Leisure Suit Larry  is going to kick so much ass, the entire world will have to play it standing up. And buy new pants. And a cushion. Seriously, we’re really excited about this.”

The games will be developed by Adventure-Mob, and Al Lowe will be working as a consultant on the titles – something he was not asked to do on the last two – terrible – entries in the series. Replay Games has also let slip that if the HD re-masters are successful, there is a good chance that they will work on some new entries in the franchise – which will be exciting to see for long-time fans who have been waiting for a true sequel. It is just very good to see Al Lowe being involved once again.

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The first HD game is expected for release in late 2012.

Source: EGMnow.com