Spider-Man: Edge of Time Launch Trailer

by on October 4, 2011

Another week another game release! It is a great time to be gamer right now with an abundance of titles on the horizon Activision have released a launch trailer for Spider-Man: Edge of Time.

In Spider-Man: The Edge of Time the player travels between two timelines from the classic Amazing Spider-Man to the futuristic Spider-Man 2099, in a battle to save the world after the death of Peter Parker. The game’s rich storyline, written by Marvel’s Peter David who co created the comic book Spider-Man 2099, is paired with the new ‘cause-and-effect’ gameplay which enables players to see how the effects of their actions as one Spider-Man changes the timeline of the other, making the Edge of Time possibly one of the most exciting Spider-Man games yet.

Spider-Man: Edge of Time Launch hit stores on October 14th, 2011