Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta Delayed

by on November 3, 2011

Counterstrike G.O. Beta DelayedDuring my freshman year in college I spent more time on my roommates PC playing Counter-Strike  than I did in class. I was good and ready to take some vacation days with the announcement of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive beta a while back. Unfortunately, the beta will not be making its planned October debut.

Chet Faliszek, a representative from Valve, stated that the beta was delayed due to feed back provided by Counter-Strike experts who have previewed the game. According to Faliszeck, there are some fundamental issues with the game that must be tackled before the beta is release. He chose not to go into detail, but Faliszcek did reveal the beta will support 10,000 players once the issue is resolved.
As it stands now there is no definite release date for the beta, but once it is, there will be no specific end date. Valve is not under mandate so there is no time restriction. Since there is additional time for testing, fans will also be playing the final build of the game when the beta is released. For those anticipating the rebirth of this series, this is excellent news. I know I have my vacation days ready.