Discover the Relationship between the Protagonists of Amy, the new Survival Horror title from Lexis Numerique

by on November 7, 2011

amy lexis numeriqueAmy is the new Survival Horror heroine who will be starring in her namesake title, which will be released by French development house Lexis Numerique later this year. The game will be releasing on the PlayStation Network first, but Xbox Live Arcade and PC versions are also planned in the future.

This latest video for the creepy-looking title takes a look at the two main characters in the game – Amy and Lana. The two female characters – one a full-grown lady, the other a small chile – are trapped in the small town of Silver City. The area has been ravaged by natural disasters and there seems to have been a sudden infestation of Zombie-like enemies and other such monsters.

It all sounds very Silent Hill so far right? Well take a look at the video, and you will see that the developers were obviously more than a little inspired by Konami’s famous Horror series. After the recent disappointments fans of that series have suffered through – and with Downpour being delayed until next year – perhaps Amy will facilitate the kind of scares and gameplay that they have been waiting for?

See the new footage below:

Amy is due for release on the PlayStation Network soon, and both Xbox LIVE Arcade and PC versions will follow at a later date.