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3DS is Much Sought After as Metallic Red Edition Sells Out

by on December 6, 2011

3DS is Much Sought After as Metallic Red Edition Sells OutAfter what some may call a slow start, Nintendo 3DS has been picking up major steam and is set to be one of the top sellers this Christmas season. There are two massive factors in the sales increase for the console, Mario & the price cut. It has been reported by MCV that many shops are sold out of the Metallic Red edition of the 3DS and that there is limited stock available in the other colours also.

Many were saying that the original price point was a tad too high and that the volume of top notch games was very minimal. Nintendo have rectified all that by dropping the 3DS’ RRP considerably and the man in the red hat has saved the day again! Super Mario 3D Land released earlier this month and has been well received by critics – including our own Adam Cook who loved it – and the general public alike. Mario Kart 7 debuted at No. 8 in this weeks games chart also, proving that Mario has still got it after all these years.

Nintendo 3DS is sure to be top of many wishlists this Christmas as this news shows. GAME Group’s category manager for Nintendo, Iain Johnson said that, “We have high expectations for the final few weeks before Christmas,” with regard the potential sales of the system.

Source: MCV