Final Fantasy XIII-2 Gameplay Video: The Moogle

by on January 6, 2012

Final-Fantasy-XIII-2-Gameplay-Video-The-MoogleMoogle are rather interesting creatures from the Final Fantasy franchise, ranging from rather helpful shopkeepers and item customization vendors to pure mascot roles.

However it seems that the Moogle we’ve seen a little bit of in Final Fantasy XIII-2 plays a more important role then any before. Nicknamed ‘Mog’, this Moogle follows Serah around, acting as a companion, but also as her weapon, helping find treasure and a throwable ragdoll (it has a purpose, don’t worry).

Mog’s also initiates the Mog Clock before battles, which needs to be stopped whilst in the green zone preferably, as that allows for special battle perks when entering. Stop the clock in a grey zone and the battle runs as normal. Stop it in the orange zone, and you make it worse for yourself.

Whilst all these things have been implemented in most modern RPG’s, having one character doing them all is certainly interesting. Whether Mog’s will find a warm place in our hearts or just annoy the crap out of us is yet to be seen.

Check out Square Enix’s video for footage and an introduction to Mog’s:

FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 The Moogle Trailer