First Look: PlayStation Vita (Part Four)

by on January 17, 2012

Welcome once again to First Look. As we reach the final part of our PlayStation Vita first look coverage we have a real treat in store for you as we show you a 13 minute video clip, hosted once again by our UK Editor Adam Cook, that allows you to see some of the game demos available to you when the Vita is finally released on 22nd February.

You will get to see three demos in all, with the first being a title called “Frobisher Says”, which is a WarioWare-esque series of fun and hilarious mini games. The next demo is called “Escape Plan”, which is a black and white puzzle game that could draw comparison from the Oddworld series, but you get to use all of the PlayStation Vita’s features (front and rear touch screen, etc.). The final demo you will get to see is Super Stardust Delta, which many PlayStation 3 owners will tell you, is an addictive and fast paced shooter with incredible graphics and gameplay.

All of these titles are demos and are obviously work in progress, but with the look of these games and the way that they play it would be fair to say that the PlayStation Vita is most definitely going to be an amazing handheld device. So for now enjoy the footage and keep an eye on GodisaGeek.com for more information about the PlayStation Vita and its associated titles.

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 PlayStation Vita is out now in Japan but will be released on 22nd February in Europe and North America.