New Blades of Time Trailer – Must Watch for Fans of Pointy Things and..Time

by on February 21, 2012

New Blades of Time Trailer - Must Watch for Fans of Pointy Things and...Time

Gaijin Entertainment have today released a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming hack and slash adventure game Blades of Time. The new trailer showcases some of the special abilities players will be able to utilise when the game is released on March 16th for PS3 and Xbox 360.

In Blades of Time players take up the role of scantily clad treasure hunter Ayumi, who finds herself marooned on a dangerous island. The island is being held under a mysterious force known as Chaos Magic (nothing to do with Dr.Robotnik, honest). Ayumi realises she can use the magic for herself to get off the island and away to safety – much ass kicking ensues.

The game features an ability called Time Rewind, which allows Ayumi to turn back time and create a clone that reproduces the last actions Ayumi made. An interesting game mechanic, then, and one that could enable Blades of Time to come up with some truly mind bending puzzle situations. Of course, being named Blades of Time does give you the impression that Ayumi is a bit of a bad ass, and the trailer below certainly showcases that side of the game too. An added “Dash” ability allows Ayumi to instantly close the gap between her and her enemies, and along the way you will have the chance to unlock over 40 more skill sets, spells and abilities.

Check out the trailer below, and stay tuned to God is a Geek for more on Blades of Time


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