Where’s the Best Place to Buy a PlayStation Vita?

by on February 21, 2012

PlayStation VitaTomorrow sees the launch of the PlayStation Vita, and in the grand game of retail one-upmanship there are numerous special offers and bundles available for the PlayStation Vita.

It can be quite daunting when trying to find a good deal, so we decided to make things easy by presenting a list of the best deals that we could find for the PlayStation Vita. To view each deal simply click on the name of the store.

Amazon are offering the Wi-Fi model of the Vita for £209.99, whilst the Wi-Fi/3G version will set you back £259.99. However, they are also running a bundle deal in which you get a free 8GB memory card, and a selected game for £15, when you buy a PS Vita. The games on offer are Asphalt Injection, Rayman Origins, Dungeon Hunter Alliance, Michael Jackson: The Experience HD, Lumines Electric Symphony and Virtua Tennis 4.

HMV Online currently have no special deals on the PS Vita. However, they are running an offer in-store in which you can get either Uncharted: Golden Abyss or FIFA Football for free when you purchase a Vita console.

GAME have quite a few bundle offers, ranging in price from £259.98 – £269.98 for the Wi-Fi version, and £309.98 – £319.98 for the Wi-Fi/3G model. Each bundle comes with an 8GB memory card and a game. You can choose one of the following games: Uncharted: Golden Abyss, WipEout 2048, FIFA Football, Everybody’s Golf, ModNation Racers: Road Trip or Touch My Katamari.

Gamestation have the exact same offers as GAME.

F1 2011 and Ridge Racer are the games that feature in ShopTo.net’s PS Vita bundles. The Wi-Fi model plus F1 2011 will set you back £218.86, whilst the Wi-Fi/3G model comes in at £279.85. If you’d rather have Ridge Racer, the Wi-Fi bundle costs £218.86, and the Wi-Fi-/3G bundle is £269.86. Note that these bundles do not come with a memory card.

Zavvi’s bundle offers are all for the Wi-Fi version of the console. You can pick up the console plus Rayman Origins or Dungeon Hunter Alliance for £239.95, or you can get a console with F1 2011 for £244.95, and their final bundle offer is the console plus Uncharted: Golden Abyss, which will set you back £249.95. However, note that these bundles do not come with a memory card.

GameStop have a variety of bundles available, the most notable being one where you can buy a Wi-Fi Vita, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, and a 16GB memory card for £269.99. Another notable deal is one where you can purchase a Wi-Fi Vita and any game for £239.99

There are a range of bundles on offer at Play.com, all of which come with an 8GB memory card and the PS Vita Pre-Order Pack, which includes a set of headphones, avatar items for PlayStation Home, early access to Frobisher Says! plus a voucher for a discount of £5 for one of four downloadable titles, which are Little Deviants, Super Stardust Delta, Hustle Kings and Escape Plan.

The best price for just the console itself can currently be found at ASDA, who are selling the Wi-Fi model for £197. This deal also includes the PS Vita Pre-Order Pack.

Those are the best deals that I could find today. Of course these deals could easily change, and by the time you read this it’s possible they already have. If you find any other good deals, or notice that the deals listed above have significantly changed, leave us a comment below!