The Wii RPG Onslaught Continues With Pandora’s Tower

by on February 29, 2012

The Wii RPG Onslaught Continues With Pandora's TowerYet another RPG is being released for Wii, and this one will also be getting a Limited Edition.

It seems the RPG’s for the Wii are like buses, you wait years for them, and when they finally arive – Three of them come at once. Last Summer we had Xenoblade Chronicles, last week we had The Last Story; and in April we’ll have Pandora’s Tower.

Pandora’s Tower tells the story of Ende; a former soldier of Athens, and Ceres, who has been cursed by monsters. Both of our heroes must find a way to stop the curse, before Ceres is turned into a fearsome beast. 12 towers must be toppled before the curse can be lifted – Each one containing it’s own boss.

When the came is released on Friday, April 13th; the came will come as both a Standard Edition, or a Limited Edition featuring a Steelbook case and a 32-page art book:

While I’m glad to see the Wii get some RPG love, it’s taken far too bloody long! At least Nintendo have been doing a great job of publishing these games and ensuring they are released in Europe.

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