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Halfbrick Studios Acquire Onan Games

by on March 20, 2012

In a great move made today, Indie developer Halfbrick Studios acquires Onan Games.  You may know Halfbrick Studios for the game Fruit Ninja which has been able to be successful on both mobile and consoles. Now Halfbrick takes a decisive step in it’s ability to port games. Onan Games is known for their Mandreel technology that allows the porting of games on several platforms.

With the acquisition of Onan Games, Halfbrick Studios has found a new revenue stream out side of developing games. In a very short time period Onan Games has become an important middleware service provider for game developers. Now Halfbrick gets to tap into the licensing fees that many companies are paying Onan to bring their games to other platforms. With a simple move Halfbrick Studios has seen itself go from successful indie developer to rising industry player.

On the simpler side, this acquisition allows Halfbrick to have a very streamlined process in bringing their games to different platforms.  We may very soon be getting Fruit Ninja or Raskulls on Facebook. This positions Halfbrick to be a potential competitor in the growing browser based games world. Onan Games may not be a household name but they are an important one. With their developments of new engines for mobile gaming alongside technology for porting classic games to new platforms Onan are on the cutting edge of a new age of gaming. Now Halfbrick finds itself as not just a successful indie developer but a very smart and potentially powerful one as well.

Check out some of the great games from Halfbrick Studios including Fruit Ninja and Raskulls.