Lucius Gets A New Release Date and Improved Visuals

by on March 30, 2012

Lucius-Gets-A-New-Release-Date-and-Improved-VisualsLace Mamba Global and Shiver Games have confirmed a final release date for their horror game, Lucius. Well almost as the game is now due to hit sometime in October this year.

The game centers around a young boy called Lucius, born into a luxurious manor house life on the 6th 1966 you can probably see where this is going. On the eve of his 6th birthday the Devil comes to Lucius to inform him that he is in fact his father, and Lucius has been sent to earth with the purpose of controlling it. Quite a lot to put on the shoulders of 6 a year old, even one with such hellish origins as Lucius. With his future well and truly laid out before him, Lucius sets upon eliminating the other members of the manor, using deadly supernatural powers.

In a statement about why the game had been pushed back till October, Johannes Aikio founder and lead designer at Shiver Games said:
“Over the past few months we have internally reviewed our game and decided that we should spend more time reworking and improving areas that influenced the storytelling and overall presentation of the game. Which has resulted in a huge increase in the level of graphical detail.”

You can check out the improved graphics below. What do you think will it be worth the wait?

[nggallery id= 831]

Again we can expect to see Lucius creeping his way onto store shelves this October.