GodisaGeek’s E3 2012 Prediction Results – Nintendo

by on June 14, 2012

GodisaGeek’s E3 2012 Prediction RESULTS! – NintendoOur E3 predictions end with Nintendo’s press briefing.

It’s time for the end of our E3 2012 predictions analysis. All week we’ve been finding out if we could successfully predict last week’s events. So who at GodisaGeek.com is our gaming Nostradamus?






GodisaGeek’s E3 2012 Predictions – Nintendo

The poster child for a slightly disappointing E3, Nintendo started off phenomenally with Pikmin 3, but things quickly went downhill from there.

GodisaGeek’s E3 2012 Predictions - Likely

Calvin: Some Wii U launch titles will be announced (primarily third party). Release date and price of the console to be set.

ALMOST! Some titles announced for within the Wii U’s 4-month “launch window” but no specifics on date or price.

Adam: Full launch lineup (including brand new Mario and a Zelda games) and release date, pricing too.

ALMOST! No release date, no pricing, and no ZeldaBut a small line-up was shown.

Martin: Release date and cost of the Wii U, plus a look at the launch line-up.

ALMOST! No release date, but a small look at the launch line-up.

Robin: Wii U Mario game to be unveiled.

WRONG! Sure, it’s no Galaxy, but Super Mario Wii U is indeed a Mario game. Robin scores his first point!

Joe: A focus on the Wii U.

RIGHT! Nintendo focused on the Wii U so much, that the 3DS was relegated to it’s own conference.

Colm: The announcement of a Mario Wii U game being the launch title, rectifying the lack of a launch window Mario title on Nintendo 3DS.

RIGHT! I think Super Mario Wii U fits the bill as a launch title.

Lee: A lot of third party release announcements for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Expect a slideshow containing a load of logos for upcoming games.

RIGHT! Definitely a good range of third-party 3DS and Wii U titles, even if we had seen some of them before on other consoles.

GodisaGeek’s E3 2012 Predictions - Maybe

Calvin: Wii U to be rebranded (ala the Revolution’s rebranding as the Wii).

WRONG! Nope, we’re stuck with Wii U.

Adam: The news that Wii U will support more than one tablet controller, per console.

RIGHT! Surprisingly, the Wii U will support two tablets per console.

Martin: The announcement of support for multiple Wii U tablet controllers, per console.

RIGHT! As per Adam’s prediction – Good news as far as we’re concerned.

Robin: A look at a new 3DS hardware design, that incorporates two circle pads into a smaller handheld.

WRONG! No sign of new 3DS hardware here.

Joe: Announcement of a new Mario or Zelda game.

ALMOST! Not an announcement as such (as we already knew about it), but Super Mario Wii U is coming.

Colm: Hopefully a name change from Wii U, to something else.

WRONG! Wii U it is then!

Lee: Nintendo showing off a new IP with the help of a celebrity (rumours point to Eminem, but I don’t believe this to be the case).

WRONG! A celeb-free zone at Nintendo. Thankfully.

GodisaGeek’s E3 2012 Predictions - Unlikely

Calvin: An announcement of a new 3Ds hardware revision.

WRONG! No new 3DS hardware here.

Adam: A Nintendo 3DS hardware revision, followed by another price drop. I think they’d be shooting themselves in the foot announce a 3DS revision at this point.

WRONG! Sadly, no price cut or new hardware.

Martin: I quote, “Any games that are relevant to the current gaming market” (Meow).

WRONG! With versions of curren-gen games such as Darksiders II and Arkham City on the way, I’d argue that the Wii U is TOO relevant to the current gaming market.

Robin: Mario to feature as a DLC fighter in the next Mortal Kombat game.

WRONG! Although Tekken Tag Tournament 2 does seem to have power-up mushrooms for some reason.

Joe: The announcement of new IP from Nintendo.

WRONG! No new IP from Nintendo, unfortunately.

Colm: Something new and interesting from Nintendo! Sick of them releasing Mario, Kirby, Zelda and so many others, over and over again.

WRONG! Nothing particular new or interesting from Nintendo this year.

Lee: A look at the Wii U’s online infrastructure, including multiplayer and digital distribution strategy.

ALMOST! Nintendo revealed a little insight into some of their interesting looking attempts at an online social infrastructure, and more games to be released digitally on 3DS. Sadly, no multiplayer news.

Prediction Scores (Likely/Maybe) – Nintendo

  • Calvin: 0.5/0
  • Adam: 0.5/1
  • Martin: 0.5/1
  • Robin: 1/0
  • Joe: 1/0.5
  • Colm: 1/0
  • Lee: 1/0

Total Scores:

  • Adam: 5
  • Lee: 4.5
  • Colm: 4.5
  • Martin: 3.5
  • Joe: 3
  • Calvin: 2.5
  • Robin: 1

That makes Adam the winner of this year’s E3 Predictions! I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of the staff at GodisaGeek.com that took part, and YOU for reading and seeing how utterly clueless we are.

Next year I’ll be asking a Pomeranian, a Chihuahua and a Pug for their predictions on E3 2013, and they’ll probably be closer to the mark then we were.

You think I’m joking, but I’m deadly serious. It’ll be awesome. Keep your browsers locked to GodisaGeek.com

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