GodisaGeek’s E3 2012 Prediction Results – Third Parties

by on June 12, 2012

GodisaGeek’s E3 2012 Prediction RESULTS! – Third PartiesDay two of our E3 Prediction results – Who’s got the biggest crystal balls?

E3 has been and gone, but we’re still talking about it as we tally up the scores for our E3 predictions. Today we’re talking about those…






GodisaGeek’s E3 2012 Predictions – Third Parties

As far as this writer is concerned, third-parties did a great deal more to surprise and entertain us than the Big Three did, this year. But were they too predictable?

GodisaGeek’s E3 2012 Predictions - Likely

Calvin: Activision will announce a Call of Duty title as a Wii U launch game, while EA will show off the new Medal of Honor.

ALMOST! No sign of Call of Duty on Wii U, but Medal of Honor was definitely there.

Adam: Massive support for Wii U, with developers stating how great the tech is. Very few new IP announcements.

RIGHT! Definitely a groundswell of third party Wii U support, with titles such as Darksiders II, Arkham City: Armored Edition and Assassin’s Creed 3 hoping to make a splash. Not much in the way of significant new IPs, however.

Martin: 17 more Call of Duty titles.

RIGHT! Sarcasm aside, not only did we see more of Black Ops 2, but we also heard that the series will be hitting PlayStation Vita at some point.

Robin: SEGA announce Shenmue HD for XBLA and PSN.

WRONG! Alas, our desire for more forklift truck driving has not beed satisfied.

Joe: A new Splinter Cell from Ubisoft, plus more new IPs and more games using Online Passes.

ALMOST! We definitely saw the new Splinter Cell title, Blacklist – But not many games were revealed as using Online Passes, and there were few surprises in terms of IP.

Colm: Mr. Caffeine (of Ubisoft’s E3 2011 conference “fame”) doesn’t turn up at E3 in any guise, for fear of a witch hunt after last year’s fiasco.

RIGHT! For better or worse, Mr. Caffeine was absent from E3 this year. Instead we were treated to “YouTube  sensation”, Tobuscus. No, I have no idea who he is either, nor do I know how you become a “YouTube sensation”.

Lee: I think Konami would be stupid not to announce a Castlevania: Lords of Shadow sequel. We’ll see more of Rayman Origins 2, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and Resident Evil 6.

RIGHT! All of these games were announced or shown in some capacity.

GodisaGeek’s E3 2012 Predictions - Maybe

Calvin: Maybe we’ll see some more third-party support for the PlayStation Move.

WRONG! Although Sony were keen to show off the Wonderbook technology, there was a distinct lack of third-party love for the motion controller.

Adam: Sequels, including Rayman Origins 2, The Witcher 3, Dragon Age III, Dead Space 3 and more.

ALMOST! We saw Rayman Legends, we saw Dead Space 3 – But no Witcher or Dragon Age sequels.

Martin: Activision will dig up corpse of Guitar Hero, announcing a new instalment to compete with Ubisoft’s Rocksmith.

WRONG! Although it’s only a matter of time, right?

Robin: Ubisoft will reveal some new information on Beyond Good & Evil 2.

WRONG! No mention of the game whatsoever. Maybe one day.

Joe: Either Apple or Valve will announce their own home console.

WRONG! Nope, not a single announcement about anything from either party.

Colm: EA show off some in-game footage of Dead Space 3.

RIGHT! Dead Space 3 held a significant presence at EA’s press briefing.

Lee: I think there’s a good chance of one third party’s conference becoming a meme-worthy explosion of chaos, hilarity and utter embarassment. Does anyone know if Tak Fuji is at E3 this year?

WRONG! It’s almost as if the third-parties were playing it relatively straight this year (“YouTube sensations” aside).

GodisaGeek’s E3 2012 Predictions - Unlikely

Calvin: Any new IPs from Activision.

WRONG! Slim pickings from Activision this year, other than Black Ops 2.

Adam: New IP reveals very unlikely, maybe an online Mass Effect title.

WRONG! No Mass Effect Online to be seen.

Martin: The announcement of the fabled Steambox/Valve console.

WRONG! Move along now, nothing to see here.

Robin: SEGA to announce a re-entry into the home console market.

WRONG! It was far too good to be true.

Joe: More console-based MMORPGs.

WRONG! Not an ounce of console MMORPG anywhere.

Colm: SEGA to have a representative, dressed in a Sonic costume and storm every press conference. They then proceed to shout from the rooftops “WE’RE BACK DUUUUDE. SEGA JUPITER IS OUR NEW GNARLY CONSOLE!”

WRONG! If only.

Lee: A third party will have a “celebrity” guest onstage, and it won’t involve a cringeworthy live demo session.

WRONG! Yes, there were celebrity guests; but nothing was particular cringeworthy this year for third parties.

Prediction Scores (Likely/Maybe) – Third Parties

  • Calvin: 0.5/0
  • Adam: 1/0.5
  • Martin: 1/0
  • Robin: 0/0
  • Joe: 0.5/0
  • Colm: 1/1
  • Lee: 1/0

Total Scores:

  • Lee: 3
  • Adam: 3
  • Colm: 3
  • Calvin: 1.5
  • Joe: 1.5
  • Martin: 1
  • Robin: 0

We’re halfway through the results, there’s still everything to play for as we look at Sony’s conference tomorrow!