First 20 Minutes: Deponia

by on August 22, 2012

Deponia, an adventure game that we recently reviewed here at GodisaGeek.com, is a stunning looking game. Robin, when he reviewed the game, said about visuals: “For an indie title with a relatively small production team, Deponia is a beautiful looking game. The high definition, hand-drawn visuals are super crisp and full of character, at times you could be forgiven for thinking you were watching a cartoon. They are animated fluidly, and even small in-game actions are afforded their own animation cycles. The cast of strange people is also hugely varied and interesting with some real individuals standing out as strong characters.”.

We thought that it would be unfair to say such wonderful things about how the game looks but not show you it in action. Therefore we put together a video of the First 20 Minutes of Deponia; this video can be watched below:

Deponia is out right now for Windows PC and Mac, it can be purchased from the Steam store.