ArenaNet Reopen Sales for Guild Wars 2

by on September 11, 2012

ArenaNet Reopen Sales for Guild Wars 2When you are selling so many copies of a game via digital means that you have to shut the sale of the game down, you know you’re onto a winner. But that’s exactly what happened with Guild Wars 2. Demand was so¬†high that NCSoft had to temporarily stop selling digital copies of the number one selling MMORPG via ArenaNet.

But as with all the best stories, there’s a happy ending! Not only did Guild Wars 2 hit the top spot in the UK Charts when it was released, but ArenaNet have now decided to let people buy Guild Wars 2 again.

Our review is in progress (we feel MMORPG’s take a little longer to critique) but it’s safe to say that the team are rather enjoying it, which you can hear for yourself if you listen to our weekly (every Friday morning at 9am!) MMORPG specific podcast, Ding. If you want to hear more, but aren’t in a position to subscribe, you can listen for free via internet streaming radio service, Stitcher.

Guild Wars 2 is available now for Windows PC.

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