Cutthroat Politics update brings voting to Guild Wars 2

by on July 23, 2013

This new update to Guild Wars 2 will allow players to make a permanent change to the world of Tyria through supporting their favourite between two in game candidates.

As the patch’s website reveals the next two weeks will see players taking part in a series of events to decide who will become the leader of Lion’s Arch. Player’s ability in a number of events will see them adding support to their candidate of choice.

The two candidates are in-game NPCs, not players. Don’t worry, Guild Wars 2 isn’t about to go all EVE Online on us.

The activities include a new PvP arena, a new PvE scenario, and a third activity clearly inspired by The Hunger Games.

In the SouthSun Survival activity you’ll “Scheme, kill, and scavenge your way to the top in this new competitive activity! Armed with only a bow and whatever supplies you can find, you’ll face off against other players in a battle to be the last one standing. Earn karma and coins for each round you play, plus a rare chance at an exclusive Back Item!”

Sounds surprisingly interesting.

All these political festivities kick off today, with the new leader taking their seat of power at some point after August 5th.