Square Enix Unleash Drakerider For iOS Devices

by on September 6, 2012

Square Enix have today announced the release of their exciting looking new role player Drakerider, for all of your favourite Apple devices via the App Store.

The game features a classic RPG plot involving a hero by the name of Aran Lawson and his Teutonically named dragon chum, Eckhardt, as they get their quest on in the mythical kingdom of Igraine and seek to duke it out with the evil spirit Dread, who is looking to basically destroy the world, as evil spirits are prone to doing.

An introductory chapter is free to download, with additional chapters available at the cost of £4.99/€5.49 a piece. You can also go the whole hog and buy all five chapters for £14.99/€16.99. You can download from iTunes by clicking here.